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Travel Destinations

View to the Cuernos del Paine from Lake Pehoé in Patagonia

Travel destinations in Argentina are extremely diverse. Local government has made great efforts to ensure that areas are more tourist-friendly. The country has seen significant increases in tourism since 2007. Snow-covered peaks and sandy beaches allow travelers to customize their experience. Destinations are divided into the following areas:

- Buenos Aires. One of the oldest cities in Argentina, Buenos Aires ranked just under Florence, Italy in a Travel and Leisure poll as the most desirable city to visit. With a rich collection of art and architecture, world-class shopping and award-winning cuisine, the city has been dubbed the Paris of South America. The city was built around an administrative district, so many points of interest are located in the city center.

- Buenos Aires Province. The most populated area of Argentina takes its name from the city that was its capital until 1880. Known for its tranquil nature, a number of large cattle ranches and sandy beaches are located in the area. Recreational sports are also popular.

- Cordoba. Small towns and historical relics are located in an area known as one of the major financial centers in Argentina. Hills and valleys give way to deserts and salt mines. The Jesuits, a religious order of Catholic males, have a strong presence in the area. Many of their chapels and farmhouses are located in Cordoba and have been designated as World Heritage Sites.

- Cuyo. The area is home to the highest peak in the Western hemisphere, along with a number of parks and nature reserves. Mountain climbers are drawn to the snowy peaks of the Andes mountains. Important archeological finds have been discovered in Cuyo.

- The North. A number of historical artifacts dating back to the colonization period are located in the Northern region of the country. Scenic natural landscapes offer picturesque views. Mountain valleys are home to small villages. Fishing, bird watching and sailing are among the more popular activities in the area.

- Litoral. Lush forests, flowers and wildlife thrive in Litoral’s tropical climate. Ruins of Jesuit missions that have been reclaimed by nature are still visible. Iguazu National Park is home to waterfalls and exotic plants. Items from local artisans are displayed at museums and craft markets. One of the largest hydroelectric plants in the world is situated along the banks of the Parana River.

- Patagonia. Home to a number of glaciers, the area is also known as an important South American ski center. Families flock to the area for water sports. Ushuaia, the Southernmost city in the world is located in the Patagonia region. Scientists state the area provides optimal wildlife observation opportunities. Whales, elephant seals, sea lions and Megellanic penguins are regularly spotted in the area.